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Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Weekend Away

Last weekend, Pierson and I joined Mike in DC. While Mike was busy conferencing, we went to a few choice Smithsonian Museums. Like usual, I was able to trick the boys into seeing some art. We visited the Hirshorn Museum and Sculpture Garden late Sunday morning.

Walking through the first gallery, Pierson saw the painting above by Cecily Brown, and yelled, "Mom, it's your painting." While it's not completely my style, the Brown's palette would definitely fit with some of my work. In High School my friend Jay and I would joke in our shared studio in the back of the art department about getting ourselves famous. While I may not achieved the fame status, I am totally famous in my 3-year-old's head. What a nice feeling to know that he notices my work and knows that I love making art.

In the Hirshorn we were able to see a couple of artist that I had recently seen here in New York, but I was glad to see them again:

There was an entire floor of Louise Bourgeois' work. I am always reminded of what art really is when I see her work. She seems to have done work in every medium and at every scale. I love how honest her work feels and hope that one day I can be just like her.

I was pleasantly surprised to see one of Ron Mureck's sculptures hidden away in the basement.

And an old friend, Jean Dubuffet was represented also.

Love love loved it!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Here's to 5 years

Thanks Mike for supporting my artwork and all the craziness that it brings!

photo courtsey of Jamie Perkins

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