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Friday, February 20, 2009

My Little Sisters (well a couple of them)

I vaguely remember my sisters Jamie and Lynzie when they were young. There are five years between Jamie and I and seven between Lynzie. I do remember when Jamie was born and I was relieved to have a sister and get some freedom from my two brothers. But as her and I grew up we were too far apart to really hang out. Then, when Jamie was starting college she came and lived with me. That's when I realized what a talented sister I had (...even if her talent at that time was making out with boys).

Here are a couple of her photographs. They are of our grandparents in Las Vegas:

Then, after I got married, Lynzie blossomed. Not only does she have the best personality of all our siblings, she is an amazing singer/songwriter. Her cool style is only second to mine ;).

I only wish I lived closer to these two, and just maybe I would laugh more and some of their talent would rub off on me.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Circa 2005

Writing that Q&A for Eva got me thinking back. So I dug up a few of the pictures that I actually have in digital format from school. Even though it was only 4 years ago, my life and my art are definitely different. But it is nice to remember being surrounded by other artists and fitting into a small supportive community.

I wish I could find some pictures from even day I'll dig up a box of photos circa 2000/01 and we will all have a 'good ol times' moment.

These are some small paintings on paper that I did and then left in library book, where I thought they might belong. If you happened to find one, good for you! Although some of the books I used probably hadn't been checked out since the 80s.

And here are a couple of shots of my undergrad studio. I miss having a space like that. Sure the floor was rotten and I was always surprised by strangers passing from one part of the building to the other (my studio was one of two that connected 2 spaces) or I would come in the studio at 7am to find Mike Kelly (not the Mike Kelly you're thinking of) asleep right outside my door, but is was a place where I worked towards developing my artistic self.

From what I hear the Crandall House studios were torn down...quite unfortunate.

And how could I pass up the chance for a really bad self-portrait circa 2004.

Sycamore Street Press

Thanks Eva and Krik for the spotlight!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sweet Family

Maybe it's because Mike studies (or studied) linguistics, or maybe it's because I know how funny translation between languages can be, but I really love this fruit container. Courtesy of The Great Wall Supermarket in Dyker Heights...or is it Sunset Park.

In case you can't read it, the caption says "A pleasant chit-chat having natural tasty fruits chears up our daily life. Please help yourself to some fruit full of natural taste."

photo courtsey of Jamie Perkins

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