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Monday, March 19, 2007

Something's Fishy

This painting came about as I was waiting to become a mother. I think the painting demonstrates more about the situation now than it did when I was working on it. I turned into a fish, always swimming and unable to hold my life in place and realize what is really going on. Everything s become slippery

If you want to view it in real life, it's at Terzian Gallery in Park City, Utah.


david. said...

this was one of my favorites at the show. it's actually the wallpaper on my cell phone RIGHT NOW!

mom said...

We love your artwork! And the picture of you is beautiful.


Lindsay Ramsey said...

I love the color in this piece. As an expectant mother, I can feel my life floating away and being a little fish wanting to grasp onto something solid. However, for me the vibrant colors give a hope. And maybe give me some ideas to paint the nursey.

photo courtsey of Jamie Perkins

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