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Monday, November 17, 2008

The Resurrection

I know, I know. It's been way too long. Why does it seem like I've been saying that to everyone lately? I could ramble with excuse after excuse, but the one thing that has killed my posting is my formerly broken camera. I'm not one to search blogs for something good to read, but rather something good to look at. So, since that's my disposition, I totally blog that way. Images images and images! I don't think I could post without a picture to back it up.

In July or August, I can't remember which, I was able to visit my lovely friend and sister-in-law's studio at Claremont. Sometimes I think if her and I were meshed into one we would be like the perfect person (or maybe just artist). She has been painting on Yuppo and until my visit in the summer, I had only heard her talk about it and I had seen a couple images of her new work. When I saw the way the watercolor melted on the paper I thought--this is ridiculous (like the good kind)! And since my studio space was having some fire code problems/repairs for a seriously long time, I decided I would try the paper out in my own way.

So here are 2 drawings that resulted:

P.S. They'll be up at the NIGHT OF 1,000 DRAWINGS here in a few weeks.


Chelsea H. Taylor said...

this was such a surprise! i am so happy you are giving yupo a go. it's pretty freaky, right? obviously you work really well on it. you don't need me to become the perfect artist- you do it on your own.

maicher said...
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photo courtsey of Jamie Perkins

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