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Friday, February 20, 2009

My Little Sisters (well a couple of them)

I vaguely remember my sisters Jamie and Lynzie when they were young. There are five years between Jamie and I and seven between Lynzie. I do remember when Jamie was born and I was relieved to have a sister and get some freedom from my two brothers. But as her and I grew up we were too far apart to really hang out. Then, when Jamie was starting college she came and lived with me. That's when I realized what a talented sister I had (...even if her talent at that time was making out with boys).

Here are a couple of her photographs. They are of our grandparents in Las Vegas:

Then, after I got married, Lynzie blossomed. Not only does she have the best personality of all our siblings, she is an amazing singer/songwriter. Her cool style is only second to mine ;).

I only wish I lived closer to these two, and just maybe I would laugh more and some of their talent would rub off on me.


adam said...

That song was pretty darn good. Talented: Agreed.

Emily said...

Adam told me to listen to this and it's awesome. Does she have an album?

cherry said...

Definitely talented, you guys have the blood of an artist in your family..i would like to hear more, really.

Eva said...

i love the photos and the song. i had no idea your sisters were this talented!

Marilyn said...

I wonder where they get all there talent from....all 3 of my daughters are amazing!

Amy G said...

Hey Kristin, I've been looking at your blog and love it! This is Aunt Amy btw...(Sharon's sister). Love your work! I'm sure you heard Erica got her mission call in your neck of the woods! We are excited that you guys are out there! Loved the song and photos too! Tell Mike hello too!

Andrea Marie Taylor said...

This song is pretty much Brilliant! Those Glaus girl's sure are pretty much amazing!

photo courtsey of Jamie Perkins

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