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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Circa 2005

Writing that Q&A for Eva got me thinking back. So I dug up a few of the pictures that I actually have in digital format from school. Even though it was only 4 years ago, my life and my art are definitely different. But it is nice to remember being surrounded by other artists and fitting into a small supportive community.

I wish I could find some pictures from even day I'll dig up a box of photos circa 2000/01 and we will all have a 'good ol times' moment.

These are some small paintings on paper that I did and then left in library book, where I thought they might belong. If you happened to find one, good for you! Although some of the books I used probably hadn't been checked out since the 80s.

And here are a couple of shots of my undergrad studio. I miss having a space like that. Sure the floor was rotten and I was always surprised by strangers passing from one part of the building to the other (my studio was one of two that connected 2 spaces) or I would come in the studio at 7am to find Mike Kelly (not the Mike Kelly you're thinking of) asleep right outside my door, but is was a place where I worked towards developing my artistic self.

From what I hear the Crandall House studios were torn down...quite unfortunate.

And how could I pass up the chance for a really bad self-portrait circa 2004.


Eva said...

i remember that book project. i loved it! and your space was great...a pretty big room all to yourself...although i did enjoy having allan as my studio buddy.

Chelsea H. Taylor said...

i have to say the crandall house years were some of my very favorite. i miss all of those folk- us together in one place hanging out and doing the stuff we love. oh, and i like that you're turning into a serious time blogger.

photo courtsey of Jamie Perkins

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