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Monday, March 16, 2009

Seven Hundred Dollars

It's always a funny thing pricing artwork. It never comes down to something so mathematical as to say the materials cost 'X', I worked on this piece for a total of 'Y' hours and my hourly wage is 'Z' dollars, so therefore this painting is worth X + (YxZ). To me it seems like a game, if you go too high, you won't sell anything. If you go too low, then you just look silly.
After presenting my work to a group of young girls along with my friend Candice Stringham, I had been thinking a lot about my worth as an artist and my artistic value. I am quite an idealist when it comes to my work and would like everyone who wants one of my paintings to be able to have one, not mater what they could afford. But, what would happen to the worth of my work if I sold on a sliding scale, advertising "tell me what you can spare and we'll settle on that."

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